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Blooming Humans is the pinnacle evolutionary program in a series of socially conscious projects from Stacey Robyn and Ken Herbert.

Gratitude Symbol

Gratitude Symbol

It all began with the Go Gratitude Experiment just before Thanksgiving 2005.  Little did we know at the time that this small ripple would so quickly reach “tsunami” status (in a good way :-)) and touch the hearts of over 2 million people across the globe as they spontaneously shared and forwarded the Go Gratitude video, 42 daily messages and the Gratitude symbol to their friends and family.

Our lives have been profoundly affected as the outpouring of grateful and transformative stories from participants around the world flooded our inbox daily – often at rate that exceeded our ability to keep up.

Out of the Go Gratitude Experiment was birthed the World Gratitude Gathering several months later as a “home” for folks who’d experienced the power of Gratitude and desired to continue even further into its mystery and promise. Many supportive and lasting relationships were formed from those who participated in the WG Gathering.

The Blooming Humans humans project has been in our hearts for the past several years as we’ve gathered feedback and contemplated the journey and progression of our own lives – and where we want to grow from here – with you.

It is the next evolutionary step into the Present of Now – each of us activating our unique genius – our Dream Seed – and bringing forth its fruits so that all may be blessed.

It is with Gratitude to all our heart-centered participants who’ve supported us along the way and to all those whose lives will be benefited in some way from what we collectively do here that we dedicate this latest project.

Here we grow again, Beloveds.

Stacey Robyn

Ken Herbert