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“What is my role in Birthing New Reality?”

The question seeds the birth of the answers. Hold this question in your Heart. Let it take root, make shoots and Bloom into Being. It may come as a single, firey explosion of insight, or it may peacefully unfold over the next 42 days. Whatever the case, know by asking it is given, and it is the Key to thriving in our New Reality.

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For those ready to dig deeper, we’ve created the DreamSeed Activation Kit.

The Dream Seed Activation Kit is only available in downloadable, digital format.

Contained within it are the Essential tools for tending the Garden of the Heart, activating your Dream Seeds, and cultivating a thriving life.

Dream Seed Activation
Kit Manual – Digital Version
Dream Seed Activation Guided Meditation – Digital Version
Free Bonus:Dream Seeding a New Reality
Blooming Humans 42 Day Series Ebook
* Special Note: This Bonus is only available as a Digital Download

[line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break] [line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]Designed as the perfect complement to accelerate and deepen the experience of the FREE 42 Day Blooming Humans Message Series, your Personal Dream Seed Activation Kit is a downloadable kit designed to:


  • Assist you in creating sacred space
  • Align with your creative genius and
  • Embody your Soul Code by planting, nurturing, tendering and harvesting the fruits of Love ready to Bloom within you


In the Dream Seed Kit, you’ll discover:


  • A guided Dream Seed Activation meditation , designed to take you into the sacred space of the Heart, where the Light of Love lives, and awaken the visions waiting to Bloom within YOU! (Comes as a downloadable MP3 for the digital version that can be played on your computer, smartphone, ipod or ipad)
  • Simple, power-filled visualizations to accelerate your inspired ideas from initiation into completion
  • Heart-opening prompts and power-filled techniques for accessing the power of the waking dream
  • A unique Dream Streaming formula for tapping in to your inner genius

. . . and much, more more!

The Kit is available Now and is a powerful companion – guide to the 42 day series.

Everything we offer here is a suggestion … a Seed-thought, a guideline, a possibility. A catalytic invitation to create your own process of Sacred Awakening, and it is a clarion call — a Cosmic reminder — that NOW is the time to begin activating the unique Dream Seed at the Heart of you.

This, Beloveds, is an invitation to BLOOM. [line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break] [line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]

Instant Digital Download Version Price $27 USD

Blooming Humans


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