Blooming Humans

Join Us for the Blooming Humans "Ring of Fire" Unity Wave
Releasing the Past  Appreciating the Present  Dreamseeding the Future 

IGNITE Your HeartFire with Peace, Passion and Purpose by Leveraging the Powerful Energies
of Extraordinary Celestial Alignments

Our Journey Begins May 20, 2012
~ At the New Moon and Solar Eclipse ~


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Growing through this wave together, we'll be . . .

Leveraging the transformative, celestial energies of the New Moon, Ring of Fire Solar eclipse, 2012 Venus Transit, Lunar eclipse and the Summer Solstice.

Together, these power-filled events are opening gateways for life-affirming personal and planetary change!

Calibrating our Thoughts, Vibrations and Energetic Presence in a Great Coming Together of Hearts and Minds World Wide

Attuning to the Cyclic nature of creation while accessing our personal power and Inner Knowing

Consciously adding our 'Peace' to the Great Coming Together by giving life to our inner visions, soul-callings ... our Dream Seeds.

"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse


In 42 days, we flow through ALL the stages of growth and manifestation . . . from Seed Activation to Fruition. This assists in re-tuning our awareness to the cycles of  creation, nurturing our dreams, soul-callings and inner visions, seeing an intention through from initiation to manifestation and making life-affirming choices to honor the BLOOMING HUMAN in YOU!

We will be aligning with the power of Inner Knowing  - consciously tapping into the BUDDING co-creative energies and give ourselves permission space to flow-er and BLOOM!

Starting at the "Ring of Fire" New Moon, we choose to Begin Anew . . .  A perfect time to plant seeds of intention, give birth to long-held dreams, or re-new our commitment to current projects, passions or pursuits.

What we plant now will grow, rise and bear seeds. Our Dreams, passions,
intentions, thoughts, and soul-callings -- in all their diversity --
will cross-pollinate and inter-weave, bringing forth new possibilities
and evolutionary expressions of the Divine, here on Earth.

Join your energy with ours, and thousands of others around the world, as we grow through this timely "Ring of Fire" Wave, leveraging the Blooming Humans 42 Day Message Series as a daily reminder to power up and tap into the collective energy and use it as an inexhaustible resource for birthing your dreams and manifesting a world that works for the benefit of All.


Join us for the 42 Day Blooming Humans "Ring of Fire" Unity Wave Beginning May 20th. Simply enter your email below:

We respect your email privacy


Blooming Humans is a Community Supported Endeavor.

We're offering this program on the basis of Appreciation. We believe so deeply in the benefits of this gathering, we want everyone to be able to participate, regardless of current financial circumstances.

So, what does that mean?

You choose Your Own Price. $0, $5, $10 $42, $42 Billion. . . a miracle or two, inspired ideas, connections, win-win possibilities, world peace . . . just to name a few. ;-)

That's right, it's up to YOU!

We trust in providence, and whole-heartedly believe in the Law of Gratitude ? that what you put out returns to you . . . and even greater. As so, Blooming Humans is a community-supported endeavor, catalyzing a collective shift from an obligation economy to an Appreciation Economy.

What we appreciate, APPRECIATES.

Let's grow a thriving Blooming Humans garden together!

Remember - each person makes a world of difference - and that person is YOU.

Join us now for this 42 journey, and be among countless others who are choosing to rise and thrive as Blooming Humans, too.

Bounteous Blissings,

Stacey Robyn

Ken Herbert

Blooming Humans Ground Crew

It is not enough to be able to drop your body
as easily as a bathrobe, take flight like the eagle,
enter the hollow hills, talk with angels, and

dance among the stars.

We must make the return.

We must live in this world and be gardens
for the dreams that want to take root in it.

~ Robert Moss, Dreaming True ~